A strategy & partnerships manager + co-founder at curves.digital who is passionate about technology.
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Anna <ae/> Egorova
I have earned a Masters degree in Media from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia. My other academic achievements include studying Computer Science & Communications as an exchange student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

With more than six years of entrepreneurial and management experience in Digital Production and IT, I currently serve as an independent consultant and product manager, as well as a course producer and lecturer for the "Digital Media project management" course at the leading Russian University, the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

As a producer I am working in the tech sector to help businesses, startups and production teams with business development, partnerships and community building. One of the most interesting directions for me is developing collaborations between the tech sector and nonprofit organizations, as well as art initiatives.
What makes me different?

I love expanding the boundaries of brand communication strategies, which at first may have seemed inconceivable. To achieve this, I develop collaborations with necessary and diverse market players: from large brands and corporations to local communities and indie artists.

I stand for ZeroWaste in Tech. I believe there is no need to produce everything on our own, but there are always some opportunities to create strong partnerships. My knowledge of the market and networking forces makes it possible for me to not to reinvent the wheel every time I try to solve an issue, but to resort to win-win strategies for partnership projects and collaborative solutions.
Finding balance in my love for human-centric business culture and tech endeavors is intrinsic to my work and constant inspiration.
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